Ben Trogdon  + Ceramics & Fused Glass


I make functional ware, decorative raku pieces, and hideous fused glass masks.

This is my studio.  It’s a 20,000 gallon redwood wine cask from a winery in Hollister.  After putting it back together, I added a loft (for glazing supplies), and places for my electric kiln, potters wheel, a sink, and storage.

Low Fire Plates 
and BowlsBowls_%26_Plates.html
Hideous Fused Glass MasksFused_Glass_Masks.html
Raku PiecesRaku.html

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Arts Obispo - Open Studio Art Tour 2014

Sat/Sun Oct 11 & 12 - 10am to 5pm

612 Sandydale Drive - Nipomo, CA 93444

My friends Robert Perry, Maggie Wagner, and Mike McNutt will also be at this location .