Pacific Sun Ceramics & Succulents       


Our Story

Pacific Sun Ceramics and Succulents (“PSCS”) came about as a culmination of 40 year friendships, a shared passion for plants and the love of creating original, artisan crafted, functional pottery pieces.   While our past professions, (Ben as the owner of a wholesale nursery as well as a veterinary practice manager, Maggie as a veterinarian and Carla in the technology sector), have all been amazing, we now are looking forward to sharing our collective exuberance for plants and pottery.

We are actively engaged in our community and environmental conservation.  Ben has donated countless bowls (well I guess you could count them, but a lot!) to various “Empty Bowls” fundraising events benefiting several charity organizations such as the Food Bank, Homeless Coalition and Animals in Need Fund.  Maggie and Ben are long time members of the Central Coast Cactus and Succulent Society and our unique planters are home to many amazing succulent specimens.  All of our pottery is fired in kilns powered by solar electricity and we use recycled packaging from local businesses for our shipping.

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